Britney Spears Beverly Hills House - Sold for $4,5M


If we sold our house there would be little or no interest! But of course when a celebrity like Britney Spears sells hers it’s a top news story; especially when it’s sold for a cool $4.25 mill! Wow, well that will buy a few Prada outfits or bags!

The price is actually a knockdown price from what she paid for it 5 years ago at $6.8 million but better than they expected at $2.995. Due to her being under the conservatorship and legalities the buyer remains anonymous. Oh well but watch this space we are sure we will soon find out who it is!


Let’s take a look and see what we missed out on, if we had been lucky enough to have the spare cash around to buy it. The rolling Beverly Hills home is in a gated community and has a beautiful and fantastic Mediterranean theme.


To start you could easily get a bit lost in its 7,453 sq feet of space, but I’m sure you’d get over it and have fun in all the rooms and outdoor areas. The new owner has 5 bedrooms to choose from and the luxury mansion has six bathrooms to luxuriate and relax in with a glass or two of champers.


The property is decorated in those warm Mediterranean colors and is extravagantly kitted out throughout. To finish the home of there is an amazing lavish swimming pool.


Let’s hope that the history of the house and its past, when Britney had her collapse here in 2008 is given a new lease of life. I am sure it will as it is such an incredible place to be, and nobody could wish for better.