Weird and Unusual Architectural Creation - The Ufo House in Sanjhih, Taiwan

March 2nd, 2011 | Designers | sanjhih, taiwan, the ufo house


Once upon a time this incredible house supplemented the list of the weirdest buildings in the world due to its unusual architectural style and really impressive design. At first sight all these buildings seem to be beautiful but very unpractical, but this wrong opinion is being forgotten once you are inside of one of these architectural creations.

If you stand in front of Sanjhih Ufo House, its shape reminds of a butterfly, with its body holding the whole construction and the two wings, each of which consists of upper and lower parts. These parts have cylindrical shape and look like four cakes, put one above another. But, in fact, their bottoms are a little bit extended downwards. Huge windows from the floor to the ceiling all over the round walls create an amazing feeling of interior space.

The biggest complexity of this construction project lies in the arrangement of upper cylinders: while lower cylinders are build straight, in parallel with the earth, the upper ones are lifted at an angle, creating wide-branching letter V, which makes them appear to hang in the air.

Now let’s turn a bit to its history. The Ufo House was built in late 70’s. The idea of creation of such an unusual building for that time came to the mind of the owner of a rubber company. He wanted to use his factory as a base for its transformation into a modern holiday center. But he failed since very soon his business went down and his company was closed because of the energy crisis. At that time the construction of the Ufo house was only starting and it had to be stopped until it was bought by some company in 1989 for about 800 million Taiwan dollars. The company wanted to transform it into luxurious hotel, featuring its own yacht dock, besides the first in Taiwan’s North coast. But the plan has also failed, since the investors refused to give money for the construction because of unknown reasons.


All this time the building remained uncared and in 2009 the government decided to demolish it, since it was considered to threaten public security. It happened in January 2009.